Pretty amazing little
parcels of awesomeness.
Of what you may ask?
Well you’re in the right
place to find out.

The Morning Harvest Kids Zone is devoted to the younger egg lovers - in years and in heart (that’s right, if your school years are far behind you but you look at a pack of eggs and and your first thought is ‘ yeah, I could juggle them’ then this is a page for you too).


Chickens have more bones in their necks than giraffes!
Chickens don't pee. It is just mixed into the poop.
Chickens can see daylight 45 minutes before humans can!
The record number of yolks in an egg is nine!
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Talking fried Egg-Really Funny fried egg
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Kung Fu Kid vs Chicken Fail

Posted by: Jo   March 5th 2016 at 5.40pm

Don’t pick a fight with a chicken, even with some crazy king-fu moves.

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Posted by: Jo   March 3rd 2016 at 2.00 pm

Check out these moves!

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